Treaty of Ghent: Soiree



You are cordially invited to an Evening Soiree, Friday, February 1st from 6PM to 9PM to celebrate the Glorious Peace & Amity between America and Great Britain!

Diverse amusements will include Musick, Fashionable parlor games, a Fortune Teller, Card Games and more! Of special interest will be a tasting of Ports and Madeiras from The Continent that are again available now that the War has concluded.

Sweet and savoury biscuits and Parson’s Punch will be served for the enjoyment of all!

Tickets are $30 per person by advance purchase only (Limit 80 tickets).  After December 15th all tickets for this event will be $35 per person.

Tickets cover the entire event, however we ask that you register for tasting sessions. Madeira & Port Tasting Sessions will be offered at 6:15pm; 7:00pm; 7:45pm and 8:00pm will be limited to 20 people per session for best enjoyment.

Update: SOLD OUT!

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**Disclaimer:  All tickets are non-refundable after January 15, 2019.  If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to pass that ticket to a friend, so they can enjoy the Evening Soiree. **