Historic Camden Traveling Trunk Program

Bring Historic Camden’s Traveling Trunk to your Classroom

The Traveling Trunk Program provides schools a Revolutionary War experience aligned with the South Carolina State Department of Education Academic Standards for Social Studies. This will be particularly effective for schools outside a fifty-mile radius of Camden that may preclude their coming on-site for a standard School Tour.

What to expect from the Traveling Trunk Program

  • Road to Revolution: Describe the Stamp Act, Quartering Act, Sugar Act, Townshend Act, and how the people of the South Carolina Backcountry felt alienated by the Royal government in Charleston. The Traveling Trunk includes historical figures like Colonel William Moultrie, General Francis Marion (the Swamp Fox), General Thomas Sumter (the Gamecock), General Andrew Pickens, General Nathaniel Greene, General Daniel Morgan, General Charles Lord Cornwallis, Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton, Major Patrick Ferguson, etc.
  • Recruitment and Enlistment: what efforts were made by the British, Loyalists, Patriots, and Militias on both sides to entice individuals to serve in the armed forces to support their cause (students are divided up into two groups (Redcoats and Patriots) and may be further subdivided into four or more groups based on the number of students and stations. Students will be given Enlistment Papers and will read the requirements and sign the papers. Each student will keep their Enlistment Papers with them.
  • Uniforms and Clothing: Show Colonial and Rev War uniforms and clothing, describing clothes of and uniforms of the militia, Continentals, and British/Provincial troops.
  • Drill: Recruits will learn about military commands (how to get into formation, positions of “attention, etc.,” facing movements, and marching).
  • Muskets: Students will be instructed with wooden muskets on “manual of arms,” loading, etc., including a musket demonstration with real muskets.
  • Cartridge Rolling: Each student will get instruction and role their own musket cartridge (which is edible!) Discuss the types of cartridges used in the Rev War (Musket Ball, Buckshot, Buck and Ball, and Rifle Ball).
  • Cannon Drill: (Optional based on the distance to school.) Demonstrate and let students participate in the “Grasshopper” cannon drill and firing of the cannon.
  • South Carolina Geography and Trade: Describe the geographic regions of South Carolina, river systems, roads, and trade. What modes of transportation were there? (Water, Horse, Wagon, Walking) What were trade items? (Food, Seeds, Pottery, Baskets, Hides, Metal and Other Goods, Gunpowder and Shot, Firearms, Knives and Hatchets, Blankets, Horses, etc.)

The Traveling Trunk Tool Kit

The Traveling Trunk is designed to provide hands-on learning opportunities for students with additional support from digital assets.

Videos highlighting Historic Camden, SC

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