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    Every December we have a symposium.  In 2021 it was on Carolina Wood-fired Staffordshire made between 1765 and 1825.  In December of 2022 the Symposium will be on America’s Cincinnatus and the Birth of Mechanized Farming.


    In December of 2021 we held our first ceramic workshop led by two visiting potters with an international following.  They produced contemporary ceramic pottery using 18th century tools and technology.  In the spring of 2022 we will be hosting a series of workshops on regenerative home building using hemp earth and lime.

    From Shells to Plaster

    From September through December we can conduct a 3-hour hands-on educational program were we convert oyster shells, into lime putty, using fire and water.  We then convert that lime putty into a castable lime plaster to recreate 18th century plaster medallion’s and decorative plaster trim molding for ceilings and walls.

    From Wood Ash to Soap

    At any time during the year weather permitting we can conduct a 2-hour hands-on educational program were we leach hard wood ash using a leaching barrel into lye water.  We then use that lye water to make soap in a kettle over an open fire.

    From Brick to Polish

    At any time during the year weather permitting we can conduct a 1-hour hands-on educational program were we demonstrate the entire process of making emery cloth used in the 18th century by soldiers to polish there weaponry.  We show the entire production process from the making of bricks to the final product.

    Make A Difference!

    The Historic Camden Foundation is not state or federally funded so we relay on individual donations. Even a small donation truly helps. So please send a gift and make a difference!