222 Broad St / PO Box 710, Camden, SC 29020



    Every month we have a series of fun events:

    Open House

    Once a month the entire park comes alive with all our interpretive staff doing living history demonstrations. This is a great opportunity for visitors to engage with our very talented trades people at the Brickyard, Pottworks, Forge, Farm and Weavery.

    Conestoga Wagon Rides

    Once a month you can take a ride in a real Conestoga wagon pulled by two large draft horses. Visit the farm and watch Pet the mule plow the fields.  And then stop by the redoubt to watch 18th century mounted infantry called Dragoons work with their horses.

    Make & Take

    Our Make & Take workshops are a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in learning about 18th and 19th century skills and crafts. Making shrub, wind-chimes, and block printing are just a few of the themes you can discover.

    Tasting History

    Our Tasting History workshops are a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in learning about the colonial culinary arts and the tools and technology used. Each months tasting is theme based.

    Folklore & Legends Lantern Tours

    Camden has seen its share of drama, tragedy, and excitement. Join us for a walk around our park after dark and listen to stories about the people and events that have shaped our history, and possibly glimpse a ghost or two!


    One night a month we jollify for free at McCaa’s Tavern from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm with live music, food, drink and colonial tavern games like Shut the Box and Nine Men’s Morris. Stop by and enjoy a glass of shrub, a popular drink in colonial America.

    Escape Room

    British soldiers have just captured a patriot spy at the tavern. Before capture the spy hid a series of coded clues that lead to a coded message for General Greene. The lives of 100’s of patriot soldiers hang in the balance… YOU MUST FIND IT


    The Historic Camden Foundation is not state or federally funded so we rely on individual donations. Even a small donation truly helps. So please send a gift and make a difference!