Weddings at Historic Camden

For years, Historic Camden has been a desirable wedding location but over the winter of 2016, the Historic Camden Foundation Board committed to a bold plan to create Kershaw County’s premier wedding event venue. In addition to the restored Tavern interior, see the tavern page, landscaping has been added to make this unique South Carolina Tavern even more charming, inside and out.

Weddings may be held at either the Kershaw Mansion (interior capacity 150+) or the newly restored McCaa’s Tavern (interior capacity 100 people). Both locations accommodate adjacent outdoor locations with the addition of tents for literally unlimited numbers of guests. Armies have literally occupied these historic grounds; we invite you to bring your own army of guests!

Historic Camden is the perfect venue for making your own history and will help create a lifetime of memories of your wedding here. A variety of wedding packages are available to suit every need and budget. Combination rentals of both Tavern, (catered rehearsal dinner before the wedding or a spectacular brunch location the morning after the wedding), and the Kershaw Mansion for weddings/receptions are also possible depending on availability.

Reservations well in advance are strongly encouraged if a combination rental is desired.

If you plan to have wedding photographs made at Historic Camden at a time outside your rental window, you receive a 50% discount on our Vista Photography fee for individuals being photographed. Please see our photography page for our photography policy.

For details, please visit our rental page.