May I take photographs on Historic Camden grounds?

All professional photographers, (photographers who have charged for photography services in last 2 years), must hold Historic Camden Business Membership and sign a Historic Camden Photography Policy to take portraits at Historic Camden. You can download a copy of our Photography Policy here. Individuals sitting for casual photographs (no props or equipment beyond handheld cameras) must simply pay individual admission fees or hold a yearly membership status. Photography must not interfere with tours or other Historic Camden activities. Individuals sitting for photographs with props and/or abundant photography equipment who require vista shots clear of other visitors must schedule an appointment with specific requests, (we’ll do our best to accommodate reasonable requests), and pay a vista photography fee of $75 for a two hour window for up to 10 people being photographed and an additional $7.50 per person beyond the initial 10. If the people being photographed are having their wedding event at Historic Camden, there is a 50% discount for the vista photography fee and no fee for casual photography. Use of changing rooms are possible for an additional $75 plus a $20 museum attendant fee for up to 1 hour.